Christie Tate proves that truth will set us free and enable the life we want in her best-selling memoir about radical, truth-telling group therapy.

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I was feeling jubilant as I finished reading Christie Tate’s book Group: How one Therapist and a Circle of Strangers Saved My Life.

In Christie’s best-selling memoir about her six and a half years in a small therapy group, she validates my purview that the experience of safely sharing ‘the truth and nothing but the truth’ will finally lead us to emotional freedom and the better life we desire. Christie’s personal journey to reach her ideal life and relationship meant breaking through highly challenging emotional blocks and barriers; perhaps more challenging blocks than many of us may face in our…

With one simple, effective exercise

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When we are ‘OK’ with expressing our authentic feelings — no longer afraid or ashamed — we will be OK with others honestly expressing their feelings too. Thus we enable deeper, more meaningful relationships to emerge in any area of our lives.

However, if we bottle up our feelings because we’re afraid to let them out, they will finally burst out as emotional drama; such as uncontrolled rage, hurt, freeze, fight or flight.

The courage to be authentic

We can summon the courage to rise beyond self-judgment and beyond others’ judgments. We can express simply, calmly and honestly “This is how I feel, this is…

Three simple steps to nurture our Self-Worth

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In these times of great change it’s vital to nurture our genuine self-love and self-worth. This is our best way to remain centered and resilient at any time, and especially in challenging circumstances.

When we practice genuine self-love and self-compassion (it’s impossible to practice one without the other) we can truly learn to know our self-worth beyond any doubt. Consequently, balanced self-respect automatically becomes ours as well.

Let’s be clear, when speaking of self-love and self-worth, I am not referring to a person’s false claims of grandiosity or ‘better-than-thou’ self-esteem, or any projected judgments, including demeaning others or the characteristics…

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How would it be if we enter every relationship with the paradigm: “What can I learn about myself as I interact here?” and “How can I improve myself through this relationship?”

and taking it further:

“What is my true, underlying intention here?”

I’m suggesting we can ask these questions about every ‘relating’ event in our lives, from the girl who waits at your table one evening, to your friends and workmates, and the guy or gal who become your life partner.

Do those three questions above sound too self-centered? Should you be thinking more about the other person or people you are relating with rather than observing yourself? With practice we can do both, to the benefit of all involved.

We can practice witnessing our behavior — firstly via reflections after an event, and as we become more self-aware, being the witness…

There are many ways to improve our health in 2021 with nutrition, exercise and mindfulness practices. It can be overwhelming! Read on for my Top Tip…

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I feel it’s important to follow our own intuition on what feels right for our own body — we are each unique!

Our mind and feelings need our attention too. They affect our physical health. It’s important to honor and love all our feelings without judgment. My physical health improved dramatically last year when I found a meditation practice that worked to relieve me of excessive anxiousness.

My Top Tip

There’s one overriding commonality that automatically comes with all of these antidotes for our wellness— whether it’s different eating habits, physical exercise or mindfulness practices. They all automatically result in increased Self-Care.


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I see You. I see a Spirit Born to Be Human Inviting a cornucopia Of human experiences Here, on this Planet Then not always liking Many of those experiences. Your contractions, pain, and suffering From some of those experiences Can feel unbearable. All the while You are Knowing, feeling At some level in Self That in contrast To the pain, the emotional suffering There is more to ‘Life’ than this. Something inside you says: “I can’t simply be here for ‘this’.” “Look at the stars!” “Look at the flowers!” Sometimes, Your heart Starts to sing Through connections with nature, Through…

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Image by Janet Lesley Powers

What qualities do we want from any leader, in our new, evolving normal?

What makes a true and trusted leader? A true leader speaks from values that we choose to follow for positive, heartfelt reasons. They are the same deep values as those required for the best leadership in any sort of group, team, community, tribe, or even as head of a family.

Ideally, a true and trusted leader has already arrived at a centered state of Personal Leadership and integrity. He or she knows their values before assuming a leadership position over others.

Personal Leadership is the ability to define a direction for one’s leadership and life, based on the truest, deepest values within our self. And to move in that direction with consistency and clarity, even as our values continue to evolve.
When we practice personal leadership, we lead from the inside out.

Personal leadership is Leadership of the Self. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But how many of us look to…

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Being bullied or being the bully: both are acting from the same core belief which is rife in humanity. That core belief can cause us to self-destruct through our inner and outer conflict.

We attract like-minded people. As adults* we are bullied when we feel down about ourselves; when we believe we are ‘less than’ others. We believe we are ‘not good enough’ as we are. We attract bullying with our lowly body language and negative emotional frequencies that reverberate out to others.

The bullies also believe they are 'not good enough'. Their ego’s strategy is the other side of the coin. They feel more powerful by bullying, and by putting out a grandiose attitude. Sub-consciously it compensates for their deep hurt and anger for 'not being good enough’.

We each have to…

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How far can you stretch yourself into your desired future?

See how this vision sits with you….

In our New Normal, we openly acknowledge that love and compassion for self and all others is the real and only power that will save humanity and our Planet.

As we learn to live in harmony within and without, enough of humanity will have come to their senses to create a positive, loving shift in collective consciousness.

Beneath the surface of all our angst, chaos, lies, greed and deep heartaches, there is a groundswell of a new aware and loving consciousness that cannot be denied and will not be silenced.

In our New Normal we will totally understand that it was our greed and fears that drove our over-consumption and ruined much of the natural environment. Fears and a core belief that we are ‘not enough’ without our shiny new things will have been realized as a pointless illusion and dispelled. The natural environment will recover in many new and amazing ways.

Care and compassion will become…

Janet Lesley Powers

Janet Lesley Powers, Life & Leadership Coach. Writing to nurture our Deepest Truth and Conscious Evolution.

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